Vessel Surveys

Condition survey, value appraisal, proof of stability, hull and machinery survey, “P&I” (Protection and Indemnity) survey and investigation / ascertainment of damages.

Cargo Surveys

Stowage and securing survey, packaging advice, breakbulk/project cargo and approval of sea towage.

Containers and Flatracks

Condition Survey, dangerous goods, ascertainment of damages, packaging advice and stowage/securing survey.

Port Facilities

Feasibility studies and assessment of floating facilities.


Supervision operations, condition surveys, dynamic positioning operations and representation of owners.

Traditional Shipping

Floating survey, shipyard supervision, transfer, feasibility studies and preparation and review of mooring arrangements.

Environmental Areas

MARPOL investigations, waste management legislation and disposal coordination and emergency management.

Emergency Management

Immediate situational assessment, damage management, damage assessment and crisis management staff.


Ultrasonic hatch cover testing, bunker survey and on-/off-hire survey.