Environmental Areas

Protection of the environment in general, but moreso the seas in particular, is of utmost importance and is affecting all of us on a daily basis.

Respective regulations and area-specific processes and monitoring also extend to the maritime industry including port facilities; here, we gladly provide guidance through these complex procedures.

Our Service

MARPOL investigations

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) is an important tool to protect the maritime environment. MARPOL investigations concern the monitoring and encforcement of the regulations of this convention; this includes investigation into oil pollution, illegal waste disposal at sea and other maritime environmental offenses. Here, we can assist you with monitoring and optimizing connected procedures.

Waste management regulations aim to guarantee proper waste disposal and recycling with the waste management legislation providing the defined standards for the disposal coordination. Managing disposal traffic and monitoring adherence to respective regulations aim to mimize potential negative impact on the environment. We can assist you with optimizing disposal measures for onboard waste, wrecking of vessels as well as the management of complex repair measures (incl. corresponding waste disposal) at shipyards or emergency sites.

In case of environmental pollution (e.g. due to an oil spill), an effective emergency management is of utmost importance; this includes fast reaction and coordination of recovery/remediation measures.