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To prevent potential conflict between Charterers and Owners, we provide our clients with a variety of surveys.

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Ultrasonic hatch cover testing
The ultrasonic hatch cover testing is applied to check the tightness of the holds, including the individual components such as hatch covers, seals and hatch coamings. Ultrasonic technology is used to detect potential weak points on the hatches/hatch covers/seals to locate potential leaks. This is crucial to protect the goods/cargo from unwanted influences such as rain/sea water or generally harmful substances.
Another important part of vessel surveys especially for Charterers/Owners is the bunker survey. This is a detailed check of the existing fuel quantities on board before/after bunkering or at the time when the ship is handed over aiming to exclude potential discrepancies between the actual condition and the documentation of the individual parties involved in the process. As per client request, samples also can be taken for having the fuel quality analized by a certified laboratory.

An on-hire survey is an inspection carried out at the start of a charter period aiming to ascertain the condition of the vessel and to ensure adherance to required standards and regulations. Both the technical and operational aspect of the vessel are assessed. This process is crucial to avoid potential conflicts between Charterers and Owners providing for a smooth start of the charter period. A bunker survey also often is part of this process.

An off-hire survey on the other hand is conducted at the end of a charter period. Here, the current condition of the ship is ascertained for comparison to the condition at the start of a charter period. Any damage or deterioration is documented and potential repair/refurbishing measures are being determined, accordingly. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure a fair settlement between the parties as well as to ensure that the vessel is returned in an appropriate condition.