Cargo Surveys


The main aspects of cargo inspections are ascertainment of condition or damages, verification of compliance with the necessary regulations for the transport as well as review/acceptance of applied cargo securing measures.

Our service

Stowage and securing survey
The stowage and securing inspection focuses on the securing of the cargo for transportation including checking the lashing/securing points, container locks and, in particular, the load securing materials to be used to prevent potential cargo shifting. Cargo securing measures are calculated taking into account factors like type and dimensions as well as the transport medium.
Due to the individual requirements of various goods/cargo, we offer our customers advice on cost-efficient packaging that complies with safety standards according to packaging regulations. Our services also include assessment in the event of damages (recommendations for further proceedings including repair/refurbishing measures of the affected packaging) and support throughout the repair/refurbishing process.
To provide for safe handling/loading of heavy-lift cargo (e.g. “breakbulk” goods or components for wind energy plants) onto container or multi-purpose vessels, or vessel hull sections onto a pontoon, our surveyors inspect the intended lashing/securing equipment (if so desired including devising a lashing/securing concept in advance) prior to and successively during operations. The application of the intended lashing/securing measures also are being supervised and reviewed along the way.

Before a floating cargo is being towed, its buoyancy and water tightness must be proven or established.
The cargo to be towed on a pontoon/barge equally requires application of suitable lashing/securing measures incl. review/inspection and approval thereof.
In addition, the entire tow must be equipped with suitable towing gear (lines, etc.) and meet the requirements of the intended voyage.
Respective inspections as well as compiling towage concepts (with more complex voyages including proper route planning) also count among the services being provided by our surveyors.