Leading a salvage operation

Referenz Sabine

Inlands waterways vessel „SABINE“ had suffered a casualty during loading operations and sank at port of Emden. After a first situational evaluation, the already loaded parts of the cargo were discharged by means of a long-reach excavator to lighten the vessel. Subsequently, multiple floating cushions were positioned in the area of the cargo hold and […]

Loading of large components

Referenz Deugro

Wind energy components (e.g. nacelles or generators) are being loaded aboard MV “ROTRA VENTE” at Cuxhaven by means of SPMT units. At current, vessels like this can transport up to 7 nacelles at a total weight of approx. 4,500 t. The entire loading operation incl. cargo lashing/securing are being coordinated and supervised by our surveyors.

Inspection for potential wetness damage

Referenz Deufol

During handling of a wooden case with machinery, a wetness damage was noted at the case material; here, our surveyor was involved to ascertain if the transported unit of machinery had been affected.

Discharging of large components

Referenz Danship

Discharging of wind energy components from board MV “ARAMIS” at Cuxport quay facilities, Cuxhaven. Potential damages at the components are being ascertained and documented during discharging.

Towage luxury yacht

Referenz Cali

Luxury yacht „CALI“ is transferred from the workshop onto submersible pontoon “BHV INNOVATION” by means of SPMT units; at the predetermined position on deck, the yacht is being lowered and secured for the transport. Subsequently, the pontoon is traversing to the dedicated diving position; there, the transport securing will be removed, and the pontoon can […]